YONG-SUNG Taekwondo(The World Taekwondo Federation)
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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!
We welcome the beginner very much.
Men, women and children at all levels of fitness are provided with the means to defend themselves, gain confidence, acquire discipline and become more physically fit.
Our school (or "Do-Jang" in Korean) is also a great way to meet new friends and have loads of fun learning something new.
Our instructors can help you meet your personal goals.
Good Health
Weight Control
Better balance and flexibility
Coordination Skills
Mental strength
Social Behavior
Self Esteem
The programs we designed have enabled our students, ages 3 to adult, to make more happy life.
We are looking forward to your visit!
Location & Contacts
Kawamori Building 3F, 3-3-1 Hon-cho, Funabashi-city,Chiba, 273-0005, JAPAN
TELFAX F047-426-0875 i14F00`22F00j
E-mail F yongsung_taekwondo@yahoo.co.jp

Find your nearest YONG-SUNG Taekwondo
School Day Location Master
Funabashi Dojang Monday-Saturday Funabashi-city, Chiba, Japan Yongsung Kim
Sunnday Family Class Sunday Funabashi-city, Chiba, Japan Yongsung Kim
Kameido Taekwondo Club Friday Kameido-city, Tokyo, Japan Yongsung Kim
Kashiwa Taekwondo Club Sunday Kasiwa-city, Chiba, Japan Yongsung Kim
Moriya Taekwondo Club Sunday Moriya-city, Ibaraki, Japan Yongsung Kim
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